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I’m Sallie Holder, lawyer/COO turned entrepreneur/business coach and your guide for taking your business to the next level. If you’re like most female entrepreneurs, you have a challenge you’re ready to tackle, and I’ve got the answers for you. Let’s get started!

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Stop settling. You've put in the work. You've started a business, but you're not where you want to be, yet. It's time to ditch wanting more and start having more.

Welcome to The BRIMM - The Beyond Rock Middle Movement. 

This is the place where you're going to expand–you’re not too much for anyone, and you're encouraged to own your accomplishments. In The BRIMM, you’ll find all the resources you need–from workshops to courses, coaching to podcasts–to make everything you've wanted a reality.

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This Amazon bestselling book was just named one of the "Top 20 Books that Will Change Your Business in 2021" by USA Today and Yahoo Finance. Why? Because it gives you a framework for how to be bolder. In it I share the exact roadmap I followed to be bold enough to create changes that I'd stayed stuck in for more than 8 years. If I can do it, you can too! Read it, especially if you haven't yet transitioned into entrepreneurship. 

Hitting Rock Middle: The Book 

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Female entrepreneurs struggle with three core subjects: Tactics (Goal Getter Course); Mindset (Sales Generator Series); and Money Making (Revenue Roadmap). Inside The BRIMM, we offer a strategic (but still fun) process to bring your business from paper to prosperity. And, the best part is, you'll be experiencing all of this with a lot of other dynamic, smart, forward-thinking women who are learning right along with you.

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This podcast is your "must listen to" weekly resource for all of the very best business tactics. You'll hear the latest and greatest marketing, technology, sales, and revenue growth tools you need to know. Plus, the most inspiring interviews with women just like you who are sharing their behind the scenes secrets with us. Subscribe and start bingeing all the episodes today.

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Welcome to the BRIMM.

Sallie is a former attorney and COO who had “success” only to leave it all behind to become an entrepreneur. She’s been exactly where you are right now, feeling like there was another level in business but not understanding how to reach it. She studied and scoured through every “expert” program that existed, but none of them were exactly what she wanted. So, she created a new path to get where she wanted to go. Now you’re in luck because we’re going to share it all with you, saving you a few years, thousands of dollars, and some extra wrinkles!

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It takes more than just tactics to succeed in business. It takes resiliency and the ability to show up daily ready to crush it. How do you do that? Grab your playbook now and start owning your days ahead.  


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