Women's Business Mastermind Group

It takes courage to keep challenging the status quo, to keep growing and to make your plan a reality. It isn't easy. It's totally normal to begin questioning yourself along the way. You'll likely start wondering why in the world you chose this path. Maybe even want to quit at times. That's why accountability is the key to changing up this pattern and staying daring enough to make that plan happen. You ready to be daring and do it with me?

exclusively for female entrepreneurs aiming for the next 6 figure milestone

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Instead of doing, most people spend their time armoring up, trying to protect themselves from failing. But that armor is heavy, and it's preventing you from using your gifts. It's stopping you from trying new things, and it's stopping you from reaching your greatest potential. Plus, it means you're likely putting forth twice the effort and producing half the results you want. Instead, in this Mastermind Program, you'll learn how to let down your armor and start taking risks, even if that means failing a little along the way. If you don't take those risks, then the best you can hope to achieve is the status quo. 

You've made big plans. Now it's time to make them happen. Spend the next 90-days with the accountability you need to daringly pursue your goals. Let's stop talking about it and start doing it. 

want better than what you've got now?

this is your vehicle for making it happen!

here's the deal:

Let's Ditch Slow Growth And Go Farther, Faster!

consistent accountability

Imagine having someone who believes in all of your potential and holds you accountable every time you begin to slide backwards. Imagine what you could accomplish with someone by your side pushing you and assisting you in all the difficult steps. 

support & encouragement from others

Courage is contagious. When being brave is the expectation, you're more likely to be brave in your actions. Doing it on your own is difficult. The Mastermind will give you plenty of to be (and continue to be) brave. 

execution & implementation of your goals

You have a clear plan for where you want to go and even how you're going to get there. A plan is one thing: trying to implement it all on your own is an entirely different beast. 

You'll spend 90 days with a small group of other female entrepreneurs focused on the advancement of one specific, major goal.  

What's a Mastermind?

We'll come together via Zoom every other week to provide insight, accountability and progress on each of our goals.



Our women's business mastermind group offers a combination of brainstorming, coaching, accountability and support in a group setting to help you fine-tune and sharpen your business skills. You will achieve success because you'll be challenged (and challenge others) to set bold goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.

Here's what it looks like: 

You'll communicate via Slack with your fellow equals from around the country and myself throughout the month to encourage community and sharing of resources. 


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Would you benefit from a mastermind? 

to grow your business without detours; 

finish what you've started creating on your own; 

to feel supported as you take risks and try new things;  

to be held accountable to making a 90-day goal a reality; and/or

support from someone who will help you stay courageous and committed.  

the answer is yes, if you want....

Grab your seat now before it's gone. You're worth it. You'll follow through on your goals and enjoy being surrounded by so many other like-minded and incredibly supportive female realtors who are going bold too. Now that's worth 20 seconds of courage. Go for it. I'm excited to connect with you. 

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